Saturday, January 3, 2009

faux-shionista for an hour.

yes, this is a survey. but i love it because if you use your imagination, you can pretend that you are being interviewed for an awesome fashion blog or magazine. i highly recommend it.

1. What is fashion/style to you?
it's a wearable expression of who you are. style is something that never dies and never goes away, otherwise it's just a trend.

2. Describe your style.
haha. tomboy chic? i'm a big fan of jeans and chucks, usually paired with a tshirt or loud polyester shirt and a corduroy blazer or vintage cardigan/grandma sweater. it's kind of a mix between a 5 year old boy, a 50 year old professor, and an 80 year old lady.

3. Your favorite look/fashion style/genre.
i love women's fashion from the 40's through the 60's. everything was so structured but still really feminine. i also like the garage band style in the 60's and 70's. tight jeans and tshirts with sneakers or ankle/beatle boots, very laid back and casual.

4. Fashion style/look that you are into lately.
eh. i haven't seen too much that i like lately, but i haven't been keeping up very well. on a lot of the street fashion blogs i look at it seems that everyone is going out of their way to wear the most ridiculous clothes and look like they got dressed in the dark.

5. Your favorite fashion item.
a really great vintage cardigan in a bright color, my favorite right now are yellow and mint green. ooh, and my new spectacles!

6. What plays the most important role when you’re choosing your outfit?
the distance from the bed to the item and if it's clean enough for another day.

7. Least favorite look/style/fashion item.
too much neon, wearing an outfit straight off a mannequin or advertisement. clothes that are way too tight or too big.

8. Does your style change often?
not really. i'm willing to throw a new idea into my regular outfits every now and then, but i usually go back to my staples.

9. A girl’s wardrobe essentials?
jeans that fit, a pair of chucks, a pair of peep toe heels, and a great blazer.

10. Your fashion motto:
don't try too hard.

11. Your fashion role model/icon.
i love katherine hepburn. she wore what she wanted and everyone else be damned.

12. Your favorite brands?
i'm a thrift store junkie, so i end up getting whatever fits and looks good.

13. What do you do when you see somebody wearing the exact same outfit that you are wearing?
i've never had that happen. i guess i would laugh and go out to my car where there is usually a second wardrobe in waiting.

14. Do you like to follow the trends often?
not unless i like the trend, which is rare. i did recently buy a pair of leggings though.

15. Your fashion secrets/tips:
wear what's comfortable and what fits; don't wear too many trends at once; and if all else fails, grab a glass of wine and stand up straight, it's instant polish.

16. Your favorite fashion model?
i couldn't name one even with a gun to my head.

17. Favorite fashion mag?
i don't read magazines, but a few blogs i've liked of late are this-a one and this-a one

18. Do you like to give fashion advice to other people?
just the boyfriend.

19. The best look on opposite gender?
i like the old british preppy look. or a striped tshirt and jeans. yow.

20. What is the most dominant colour in your closet/wardrobe?
denim? i have a lot of jeans.

21. Favorite fabric/texture of clothes?
corduroy or sweater knit. (i just wish i could learn to do it myself.)

22. Favorite clothing details?
i like nice buttons or contrast stitching.

23. Favorite print?
paisley or stripes. a loud floral or geometric print on a polyester button up will always have a dear place in my heart.

24. Your favorite no-fail clothing items?
straight leg dark wash jeans, sneakers, and a plaid western shirt.

25. What do you “collect”?
vintage robes and nightgowns. the flowy, sheer, satiny, movie star kind. they make me feel like an extra in valley of the dolls.

26. How do you take care of your clothes?
if i can't throw it in the washing machine, i don't buy it.

27. Favorite shopping spots/places?
good smelling thrift stores, with the occasional smelly one thrown in.

28. What is the oldest item in your closet?
i know i have some items that are from the 60's. they still had receipts in the pocket!


Pamela said...

# 25 says to me:
"Let's have a slumber party!"

miss jacobs if you're nasty. said...

with lots of black beauties and vodka! or perhaps some hot tea and vegan pumpkin cookies! mmm...