Friday, January 23, 2009

simon says suck it up.

in times like these (times of destitution, of sinusitis, and of undesired weight gain) i try to find humor wherever i can. i may have mentioned that most of my reading material has consisted of books on food ethics and nutrition. they are informative, provocative, and challenging; but sometimes all i really want is to read something that would make me laugh at the trials of life and remind me things aren't always as serious as they initially seem. kind of like the literary version of teen wolf or romy and michelle's high school reunion. i picked up a copy of ant farm, by simon rich, a year or two ago and loved it. i was on the floor laughing at the soon-to-be-divorced man who comes up with the names for crayola hues. or the man who tries to impress a girl when he lists his three desert island items and then wakes up to realize he was hitting on a government researcher who puts him to the test. most of the stories are between one and four pages, so it is the sort of life intermission that won't deter you for too long. i passed ant farm along to a friend who needed it more than i did at the time, and he returned the favor by picking up rich's second collection, free-range chickens for me as a christmas gift. it's the same sort of dark humor; concise, relevant, and hysterical. i finished it the same day he gave it to me, even after a few too many lively pints at the bar (he lives in alaska and we rarely get to see eachother anymore). there are a few excerpts on the ever watchful mahschpace for your previewing pleasure, but i have a feeling that you will not be disappointed.

and my musical ear says that the new dungen album 4 is not nearly as good as ta det lugnt. more pansy, less psych. i'm not digging it. but on a bright note, goblin cock will be coming 'round next month! huzzah!

and also, today was my kitchen triumph day, yes. and triumph i did with my homemade enchilada sauce. and again, yes, i forgot to take pictures. but i will be posting the fabulous recipe soon! and keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, i have a job interview. i even dyed my hair back to a normal color so i don't look so much like a gutter punk.


memeeps said...

1. what's a normal color?
2. thanks for the book reviews...I could really use some happy bookage.

memeeps said...

oh, and I have a "present" for you. You're the only one I know that might like this as much as I do:

miss jacobs if you're nasty. said...

those costumes are FABULOUS! i think it's time we whip out the sewing machines and make some replicas, yeah? and the hair is back to red, though it is a really bright red, which may not be any better than the stripey blonde i had going on...sigh.

i hope you like those book, i think the library has one of them!

memeeps said...

and speaking of fabulous...I love this blog:

P.S. You look super cute with any 'do...but I think yellow hair suits you best because it's your favorite color and favvy colors make for happy girls. Now...I just need to get my hair that perfect shade of robin's egg blue and I'll be over the moon :)