Friday, February 6, 2009

morning time.

i am a morning person. not an early morning person, but i tend to wake up around 8ish without the aid of an alarm clock. this is assuming that there has been no debauchery the previous evening, and now that i'm nearing my 30's my debauchery has been limited to cooking and crafting with a glass of wine before hitting the sheets at midnight (or ten-thirty). i go out (like out-out, to a show or out of town) maybe once a month. and now that i think about it, i feel a little depressed that i only do things like that twelve times a year. but not depressed enough to give up my cozy nights in with my boyfriend and kitty-love. i have truly fallen in love with age. with the exception of my body not bouncing back with it's usual youthful elasticity, i have found growing up to be a gift. bridget bardot said "it is sad to grow old, but nice to ripen." i have to agree.

back to all this morning person business, i am also currently unemployed, which i may have repeatedly mentioned. that means an excess of free time and a strong tendency towards going insane. i think the only thing that keeps my on the good side of the asylum walls is the fact that i have a few hours of quiet time in the mornings. my boyfriend sleeps until noon (or later if i would let him) so the mornings are all mine and zed's. this morning i ate cherries, worked on my valentines that will be finished by next saturday, discovered (i may have mentioned that i'm slow to catch onto things sometimes), and nursed two bigs mugs of earl grey with soymilk. this is why i haven't flung myself off the roof of my house yet.

a few things that i have learned over the past week or so:

-do not make a 9x13 pan of lasagna when you only have two people in the house that eat it. i have eaten lasagna for breakfast more often that i care to think about.

-the beauty of yo-yo's. they reminded me of country crafts (ew) for so long, but i have a feeling i can make something lovely and modern(ish) with them.

-the flaw in looking for flaws in your own work. (oh, irony. you taunt me.) you truly are your own worst critic and it rarely gets you anywhere but scrambling through the bathroom cabinet, searching frantically for those last two xanax saved from some dental procedure 8 months ago specifically for an occasion such as this. sigh.

-you can tell the age of a whale by how many layers of ear wax it has. really, it's like the rings of a tree.

speaking of trees, i have fallen in love with these pillows. fabric woodiness? fabulous! if only i could crochet. and read some for a shot of vengeful or wistful nostalgia. just in time for valentine's day, right?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

how the mighty have slackenered.

it has been a week or more. my faithful boyfriend has asked me repeatedly if i have updated my blog (he is so good about keeping me on track). i have been slack and not in a mood to share and write. the other day he said that the keyboard and screen looked as though someone had eaten off of it. oh no, that is just my sneeze shrapnel. spit and snot from my morning allergies sprayed all over the electronics. not the most attractive thing in the world. but my dearest pamela is sending me a neti pot that will cleanse my passages and renew me like the golden calf. or whatever kind of newborn that gets renewed. buh, i took lots of benadryl today. and also! i learned the blanket stitch from future girl's lovely tutorial i created something that looked a little too gothic lolita for my taste, but at least i can use it for other craftiness. no pictures, please. it's a little embarrassing.

i've accomplished quite a bit over the past week however. making lasagna (the dear boyfriends request), getting over the neon nasal sinus infection, catching up on my season 5 top chef, and refreshing my facebook every five minutes. i've been busy.

and since today is letter writing sunday, i mailed a letter to my bff, scooter (though he prefers to be known as zack these days). he has been my big brother, my savior, my counselor, and my designated driver more often than i can remember. though there have been those few times when i have had to bail him's a mutually beneficial relationship.

and also, a letter to my dear friend julie. the most intelligent and gung-ho lady i know. here's (a letter) to you!

and since i am on facebook way too often, i have received many of the "list twenty-five random things about yourself" requests. i already did one (on facebook) about a month ago, so i thought it might be nice to let you other peeps in on who i am. wrote a survey about it, like to hear it? here it go.

1- i have not had a "real" haircut in over six years. i was spending way too much on my hair and had an obscene breakup in which i decided to go diy in all aspects of cuttery. i get compliments all the time.

2- every time i hear my cute boyfriend cute talking my cute cat i smile so big it breaks my face. i'm glad he adopted my baby.

3- i am thoroughly obsessed with my cat. he is my life and my snuggs.

4- most mornings, my breakfast is fruit salad with yogurt. i mix grapes, strawberries, orange segments, raspberries, blueberries, and whatever other fruits i have in the house with vanilla yogurt and sunflower seeds. every time i eat, the first bite has to have one of everything in the spoon. it can be a very big mouthful sometimes.

5-i collect vintage robes and nightgowns. i don't get to wear them very often, but i like that "valley of the dolls" feeling i get when i wear them.

6- i don't have a real job. my boyfriend gave me the most flattering review of my constant unemployment when he told a friend that my profession was learning.

7- i cannot walk in heels. i love them, especially t-straps and mary janes. but i am a weeble wobble.

8- i do not capitalize. it is a waste of pinky time and also i think that it is an elitist movement, much like mister and miss. plus i just do not care for it.

9- i am the most unorganized person ever. but i have a lot of lists, so i fake it well.

10- i am left handed, though i have adapted to a right handed world. i only write sinisterly. everything else goes the way of people who are not serial killers.

11. my allergies are epic. and also an epic fail. note the previous mention of my mac screen looking like a snot board.

12- i loathe talking on the phone. i will not answer it at any point in my day.

13- this is awful, but i hate the youth of today. they just don't get it and they try too hard to get it. it is probably the same way the older cool kids perceived me when i was younger.

14- i don't mind people talking about me, positively or otherwise. at least i made a mark in somebody's book.

15- cooking is my favorite form of art. it is the creation that is meant to be destroyed.

16- i want to go to school for my masters in library and information science. i just have to decide where.

17- if i eat a steak it has to be bloody. like still mooing bloody. and i will never be a vegetarian, but i want my carcass to have had a good life before it enters my mouth.

18- i have not have coffee in over three months. earl grey with soymilk is where it's at.

19- i'm a big fat tyrannosaurus mess snob when it comes to interior decor. i thought about going into that field but i realized how much i would loath my clients if they disagreed with me.

20- i collect vintage typewriters, rotary telephones, bread boxes, and radios. they have to be pastel toned though.

21- though i deny it, i am a snobby elitist. i'm sorry.

22- i have tried to use a sewing machine five times, but fail every chance i get. hand sewing is the style for me.

23- i love being from the south. i know a lot of people are ashamed and believe that it a lower class area, but i believe that southern girls are feisty and independent and much stronger than people give them credit for.

24- back to number 2, really. i love my cat. i love my boyfriend. i think we have found our happy family.

25- fucking michael and janet. the jacksons. weren't their 80's and early 90's videos just the fucking best? really, i don't like nasty food either. she was a goddamned dance nazi. i would hate to have fucked up on her set. "off with the clumsy bitch's head and on with the show!" and check out the whoo! rhythm nation video if you want to (my friend donet dillon wore the one key earring every day of fifth grade.). and there is always this choreographed classic. and yeah, he's not endorsing the occult. ahem.

and isn't isabella blow so tragic and beautiful?