Monday, January 5, 2009

jenkies. it's a jewelry thingy.

only lately have i become a fan of cheese (whereas the maiden fan in me has been alive for quite some time). mostly soft, mold covered ones like brie and camembert...and i know you can't get the real thing here, but these impostors just whet my taste for the creamy softness that i read about on the cheese blog that i adore so much. one of my favorite things about these cheeses is the cute packaging. i'm a sucker for neat things that hold other things. mostly because i have a lot of stuff and containers make me feel organized. sadly, my cheese boxes have begun to pile up in a not-so-attractive heap in the kitchen because i refuse to throw them away. solution: upcycle. i made a few of these little bejeweled (be-buttoned, really) little treasure chests, and i really like them on the dresser; in the bathroom; or wherever you may have spare change, bobby pins, or perfume samples that you pilfered from macy's. the buttons add a nice weight to it, so it doesn't feel as flimsy, and it's super easy!

a strip of fabric long enough to wrap around your lid, cut to the proper width
buttons of any variety
spray paint
mod podge

-i spray painted the lid of my cheese box, so any color showing through the spaces between the buttons would be uniform.
-use a brush (or your finger, which is what i always end up doing) to apply mod podge to the outside rim of the container, brush some more on the back of fabric and wrap it around, making sure you press firmly all the way around and let dry.
-grab your trusty e6000 and glue buttons all over the top. i started with the bigger ones as a base and did two layers to cover some of the bigger spaces between the base buttons. i tried doing a mosaic picture with my first one, but it didn't look as good as i had hoped, and i like the randomness of the colors better anyway.


so easy and cute. i think everyone may get one of these for their birthdays this year, assuming i eat enough cheese. who are we kidding, though? everyone's gonna get two of these!


Pamela said...

Quite fabulous.
I too love containers, for much the same reason.

But as far as cheese goes, my favorite is one that does not come in a sweet little round box. However if you pair it with dates and a nice thick wheat cracker, I promise you bliss: HUMBOLDT FOG.

memeeps said...

aww...I freaking LOVE buttons! Thats the best box ever. bf is the "cheese specialist" at the Fresh Market, his name is Brian, and he will help you with any cheese quandries you may ever have. He's a smart cheese guy.

miss jacobs if you're nasty. said...

now i have an in! perhaps he can tell me more about this lovely humboldt fog that a little birdy told me about...