Thursday, December 25, 2008


unlike cat hair, i have a problem sticking to things. i blame attention deficit disorder. my boyfriend sweetly described it as an addiction to learning all i can from something and moving on. though that does not explain why this is the third (perhaps fourth) time i have started and abandoned this blogging endeavor. one of my many new year's resolutions is to finally keep up with my tyrannosaurus mess. usually i like making things difficult for myself (i may have just discovered why i have trouble being faithful to my hobbies). this year, i thought it may help to have a way to make things a bit easier on myself. i love schedules, lists, and the idea of being organized, so i decided to have a weekly schedule to help my writing along. mondays are for craft entries, tuesdays will be reserved for rants and raves, thursdays will hold lovely musing on current or ancient literature and music. fridays are for kitchen triumphs and disasters; and saturdays are a wild card, which means i get to assail your eyes with whatever i want, or you may get a break if i had too much wine the night before. sundays will relate to one of my other resolutions, which is to write a letter to someone every week. it could be a story about the person i'm writing the letter to, or a history of the stamp, or a copy of a note someone wrote me in 6th grade (yes, i still have some of them). i'm hoping that this will push me to be more mindful of how i spend my time, and less likely to abruptly end this project. wish me luck, help me out, disagree, roll your eyes and hi-five me. in 6 days my world is yours. (the above painting is by gabe lanza, a talented and very sweet chicago artist.)

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Pamela said...

Keep it up.
I'm innerested.